At Data Hub we offer a wide selection of services that are designed to invigorate and stimulate IT Solutions for our customers. Our focus is on accuracy and ensuring data security continually throughout the process.

What We Do

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    Data Services

    Our Data Services consist of Data Entry, Data Processing, Data Conversion and Data Validation parts. Our main focus is on accuracy, precision, quality, and security.

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    Web Research

    Our Web Research team provides data mining services which help you find and collect required information. We are utilizing manual as well as automated customized solutions.

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    To keep your books accurate and current, our Bookkeeping Services offer reliable recording of your financial transactions, reconciling your accounts and categorizing your expenses.

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    Web Design Development

    We also offer a web design and development service. Our web team will assist you in developing systems and software applications that will allow you to be more flexible and yet more focused.

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    Business Activity Monitoring

    To help keep all your services up and running we offer Module-based Business Activity Monitoring custom to monitor your business activities by aggregating and analyzing events in real time and providing immediate alerts.

Our services are available to a wide range of clients from various business fields including real estate, insurance and healthcare providers, educational institutions, government agencies, publishing agencies, financial institutions, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing.