Data Entry

Our Data Entry services are specifically suited for voluminous data entry applications such as Database updating, Mailing list compilation, Forms processing, and Data cleaning. For your convenience and security, our online data entry team can work directly on your systems. We provide both online and offline data entry of text, numeric, and alphanumeric nature. Our team has the capability of inputting data from printed or handwritten documents, hard copies, and scanned images.

Our work with data entry resources include, but are not limited to Real Estate Records, Index Cards, Property Tax Records, Questionnaires, Customer comment cards, Surveys, Manuals, and Company Reports. Our data entry team works diligently to ensure that all of your data and information is entered precisely without error. All of your data can be delivered in the format that you desire, such as excel or database.

Data Processing

We will be able to convert, process, and organize the data that you provide. As we process your data it will be transformed into viable information that will allow you to gain the most out of the conclusions drawn.
Our team of experts is well trained and specializes in processing various business reports and conducting thorough business analysis. In addition, we can process real estate records, forms, surveys, and medical coding.

Our services would be of great assistance to data entry applications such as database updating, records and forms processing, and data cleaning.

data conversion

Data Conversion

Our data conversion specialists offer extensive expertise and can cater to the most complex conversion requirements. We can accomplish this in any format, file type or media.

We utilize a variety of proprietary of tools designed to process content for our customers. These tools allow us to provide conversion for the digital format of your choice, from any sources such as paper or database.

We can convert your unstructured data into a variety of useful digital formats such as: MS Excel, MS Word, TXT, PDF, HTML, XML, and SQL Server, or any other format you may choose.

Our Data Conversion Specialists are prepared to fulfill any conversion expectations you may have.

data validation

Data Validation

Data Validation is based on detecting and removing errors and inconsistencies in data in order to enhance its quality. The process of Data Validation requires standardization, validation, and correction of data to maximize integrity and value. We are experts at the process of not only cleaning, but validating your database. Through the use of both manual and automated inspections we search out misplaced data and any known inconsistencies.

At Data Hub we are determined to provide comprehensive Data Validation services to assist our clients in maintaining accurate data records, and to help them reduce unnecessary costs or waste.

Our specialized Data Validation Services are designed to assist you in:

  1. Identifying and removing duplicates in any data or incorrect entries
  2. Identifying and tagging similar records
  3. Correcting and enhancing addresses, and verifying, correcting or adding zip codes
  4. Removing obsolete data